Chamber Orchestra Of London

The Chamber Orchestra of London is London's finest commercial session orchestra, drawing its members from principals of all the major London orchestras, international soloists, chamber and session musicians. As professional musicians ourselves, we have unrivalled individual knowledge of the most talented players.

As a result, we create a "super-orchestra", matching composer and musicians not just in style but also in personality. Being independent, we have complete flexibility to move sessions, which is of course vital.



John Lunn
Final day of recording the score to Downton Abbey in the Hall at Air Lyndhurst studios.
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Downton Abbey Film
Day 1 of recording the score to the soon to be released film version of Downton Abbey in Studio 1 at Abbey Road studios with the composer John Lunn.
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Walter Mair
Recording the score to Balance Not Symmetry with Walter Mair at Abbey Road studio 2.
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