Chamber Orchestra Of London

The Chamber Orchestra Of London is London’s finest commercial session orchestra, drawing its members from principals of all the major London orchestras, international soloists, chamber and session musicians. As professional musicians ourselves, we have unrivalled individual knowledge of the most talented players. As a result, we create a “super-orchestra”, matching composer and musicians not just in style but also in personality. Being independent, we have complete flexibility to move sessions, which is of course vital.

The versatility of our musicians enables collaborations with artists ranging from Sir George Martin to Daman Albarn, Mushroom from Massive Attack and Madonna. Our extensive studio work has seen us perform on hundreds of film & television scores including Nicholas Hooper’s magical scores for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and the Half Blood Prince; not forgetting Jan A.P. Kazcmarek’s Oscar winning score to Finding Neverland (Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet and Dustin Hoffman) and Daniel Pemberton’s contemporary score on Ridley Scott’s The Counsellor. Please see our credits page for more information.

From Abbey Road to Air studios, London possesses some of the most famous studios anywhere in the world; combine this with English speaking musicians whose sight reading skills are legendary, considerably less time is needed to record music than with our other European competitors. To financially compete, full worldwide buy-outs are available at exceptional rates. Ensuring that everything from recording to budgeting is faultless, we can organise engineers, conductors, orchestrators, programmers, copyists, studios, hospitality etc. Contact us for more information at:

The Orchestra is contracted by Gareth Griffiths. Having freelanced extensively as a violinist in London and throughout the UK working with many of the major Symphonic and Chamber Orchestras as well as having been a member of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Gareth has garnered a comprehensive knowledge of musicians of all genres. He has worked and played on hundreds of film and television scores over the last decade.