Walter Mair

Day 1 recording the score to an as yet untitled project for Apple TV with Walter Mair in the Hall at Air Lyndhurst Studios.

John Lunn

Recording 4 episodes for the new series of Grantchester for ITV with the brilliant John Lunn at Abbey Road Studios.

Daniel Pemberton-The Trail of the Chicago 7

Another pick me up post lockdown!

Day 1 of recording Daniel Pemberton’s exciting score for Aaron Sorkin’s latest directorial offering called ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ in the Hall at Air Lyndhurst Studios.

It’s so great to be back!

Martin Phipps-The Crown (series 4)

Our first session and Air Lyndhurst Studio’s first session in the hall post lock down recording The Crown with Martin Phipps. An absolute joy to be amongst friends and colleagues recording live music after 3 months enforced downing of instruments!

Victor Reyes

Sunday 2nd February 2020

It’s always wonderful to welcome back Victor Reyes to the UK. Today we are recoding his score to a very exciting project with the director Rodrigo Cortés at Air Lyndhurst studios.

Anne Dudley/Benedetta

Monday 6th January 2020

First day of recording Anne Dudley’s score to Paul Verhoeven’s latest film ‘Benedetta’ at Angel studios. This is our final project to be recorded at Angel studios before it closes permanently. Sad times.

Murray Gold/Quiz

Saturday 30th November 2019

Brilliant to be working with Murray again on his latest project with Stephen Frears called ‘Quiz’ at Air Lyndhurst studios set to be aired on ITV 1 in 2020.

John Lunn/Belgravia

Monday 14th October 2019

Recording the score to episode 1 for the brand new series of Belgravia with John Lunn for ITV 1 set for release in 2020!

Rob Lane/Cobra

Monday 7th October 2019

Lovely to back in the studio recording with Rob Lane at Angel studios and the first episode of Cobra, the exciting new drama from Sky 1 which is set for release in Jan 2020!

Aldi Advert

Thursday 3rd October 2019

Recording our first Xmas Advert for 2019 for Aldi with Guy Farley at Abbey Road studios.

Maurizio Malagnini

Friday 6th September 2019

Recording the first episode for the new series of Call the Midwife with the lovely Maurizio Malagnini in studio 1 at Air Lyndhurst studios.

Philip Sheppard

Friday 26th July 2019

Recording the first session for an exciting new project with the very talented Philip Shepard at Abbey Road studios.

Segun Akinola/Doctor Who

Friday 26th July 2019

Recording the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who for the BBC with the wonderful Segun Akinola in the hall at Air Lyndhurst studios.

Seven Worlds/One Planet-BBC

Saturday 20th July 2019


Recording the music by Hans Zimmer & Jacob Shea & Bleeding Fingers for the BBC and their incredible new show called Seven Worlds/One Planet in the hall at Air Lyndhurst studios.

Belgravia Filming

Monday 15th July 2019


The first of 3 days of filming with members of the Chamber Orchestra of London on set in Bath for the upcoming new series by Julian Fellowes called Belgravia on ITV1.

The Crown

Friday 5th July 2019


Continuation of The Crown (series 3) in the hall at Air Lyndhurst studios with Martin Phipps.

Edmund Butt/Night on Earth

Sunday 23rd June 2019

Recording episodes for an exciting new series on Netflix called Night on Earth with the brilliant Edmund Butt at Abbey Road studio 1.

The wonders of the nocturnal world reveal themselves like never before.

John Lunn

Final day of recording the score to Downton Abbey in the Hall at Air Lyndhurst studios.

Downton Abbey Film

Day 1 of recording the score to the soon to be released film version of Downton Abbey in Studio 1 at Abbey Road studios with the composer John Lunn.

Rob Lane

Recording the final episode of Mother Father Son with Rob Lane for the BBC at Angel studios.

CONGRATULATIONS – Bafta Awards 2019

Many Congratulations to Murray Gold on his Bafta nomination for his fantastic score to A Very English Scandal, directed by Stephen Frears. We had a wonderful time recording this score at Air Lyndhurst studios.


Recording the score to ‘Yesterday’ at Abbey Road studios with Daniel Pemberton. Written by Richard Curtis and directed by Danny Boyle.

The Crown

Recording the first episode for the latest series of The Crown with Martin Phipps at Air Lyndhurst studios.


Day 1 (of 10!), recording the epic score to Shazam with Benjamin Wallfisch at Air Lyndhurst studios.


Recording episode 1 of The BBC drama, Cheat with the lovely Edmund Butt at Angel studios.

AR Rahman

Day 1 of recording the score to 2.0, the next Bollywood blockbuster with the unbelievable AR Rahman in studio 1 at Abbey Road studios.

John Lunn

Today is the first recording session for episode 1 of series 3 of Jamestown with the brilliant John Lunn for Sky 1.

Dan Jones

Recording the first two episodes of ‘Dark Heart’ with the incredibly lovely and talented Dan Jones at Angel studios.

Dominik Scherrer

Recording the first episode of ‘The Widow’ with the lovely Dominik Scherrer at Angel studios. It’s a thriller for ITV1.

Serenity Recording

Recording the score to ‘Serenity’ in the hall at Air Lyndhurst studios with the incredibly talented Benjamin Wallfisch starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway.

Ben Wallfisch

Day 1 of recording Ben’s fantastic score to a film out later this year at Abbey Road studios called King of Thieves. Directed by James Marsh.

The Hustle

Day 1 of recording the score to ‘The Hustle’ with Anne Dudley starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson.

Rob Lane

Recording the episodes 1 & 2 of ‘Discovery of Witches’ with the lovely Rob Lane at Angel studios for Sky 1.


At Abbey Road studio 1 recording the music for a Chinese film called Asura with Trevor Morris.

Murray Gold

First day of recordings at Air Lyndhurst studios with Murray Gold recording his score to Stephen Frears new project, A Very English scandal!

Stan & Ollie

First day recording the score for a David Baird film called Stan & Ollie with the lovely Rolfe Kent at Angel and Air Lyndhurst studios.

Anne Dudley

Wonderful day recording the score for David Walliams Grandpa’s Great Escape at Air Lyndhurst studios with the multi-talented Anne Dudley!

The Aftermath

The first day of recording the score to ‘The Aftermath’ with the wonderful Martin Phipps in the hall at Air Lyndhurst studios.

Victor Reyes

Recording Victor’s score to “Down A Dark Hall’ by the brilliant director Rodrigo Cortes at Abbey Road studio 1 for Lionsgate.

Daniel Pemberton

Day 1!!

First day of recording with the brilliant Dan Pemberton at Abbey Road studios, recording his score to Ridley Scott’s latest film ‘All the Money in the World’

Released in December!

Tokio Myers

Recording tracks for his new album with Tokio Meyers at Angel studios. First tracks to be released since winning Britain’s Got Talent in October.

Watch this space…

Marco Beltrami

First day of recording his latest film score on ‘The Snowman’ with Marco Beltrami at Air Lyndhurst. Going to be a great week!

Sam Sim

Recording an album for an exciting project with Sam Sim at Abbey Road studios. Watch this space…!

Clint Mansell

First day of recording at Air with Clint recording his score to ‘Mute’ with the director Duncan Jones.

Gregoire Hetzel

Recording the score to Les fantômes d’Ismaël with Gregoire at Abbey Road studios starring the wonderful Marion Cotillard.

Carl Davis

Recording another film score with Carl Davis at Angel studios starring the late, great Harrold Lloyd.

Clint Mansell

First day recording at Abbey Road studio 1 with Clint recording his score to the film Ghost in the Shell for Dreamworks.