Score Coordination

We pride ourselves on solving problems – budgets are never big enough however we can always achieve incredible results by being creative with the way we record and organize the sessions.

If you have a project, please e-mail with as many details as possible and we will be more than happy to create a detailed budget and a creative plan to make the recording work.

With London musicians recording on average twice as fast as Eastern European orchestras, minute for minute recording in London costs on average one third more. With the fluctuations in the exchange rate this figure can be even lower – that extra amount will buy you a quality rivaled only by LA itself.

It’s interesting to note that whilst you can record cheaper in other parts of the world, you can end up spending the difference in the mix solving performance issues.

All musicians in the UK work under the MU/PACT agreement (Combined Use Clause) which includes a total worldwide buyout in perpetuity in all media in relation to your Film, TV or Game project.

The UK musicians union also offer a low budget rate so please do ask us for more details.

We have worked with many of the world’s finest engineers, conductors, orchestrators and copyists so are happy to arrange complete package deals.

If you need any recommendations, we are happy to connect you with some of our clients.

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